I was asked by a random acquaintance on Facebook: do you believe in God?

My answer:

I have yet to meet a god, so no. I believe that I have an open mind, so if I can have *irrefutable, reproducible and verifiable* proof of a god, then I will adjust my beliefs.

If a god exists, why would he/she/it hide? Until I have proof, the idea of a god existing is as believable as Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny being real.

If there is a god, how do you explain *different* religions, *holy* crusades that brutally **murder** innocents, inquisitions that *torture,* witch hunts that *burn* women to **death**—all of this in the name of a loving god?

If I was to meet a god, there would have to be a **lot** of explanations before I, or any rational person, would start to forgive such atrocities.


“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

—Carl Edward Sagan
American Astrophysicist

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